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Our team has a broad array of skills and character traits which have enabled our network to successfully grow, always including a sense of vision, dedication, and deep understanding of client needs.

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I came to work at KMS in 1998 after deciding that I wanted to help people that lived in a supportive residential setting. My interest in the line of work resulted from my experiences with a family member living in various group homes and inpatient hospitals. I felt that there could be a balance between clinical and personal care and I found this blend at KMS. I look forward to every opportunity we have here at KMS to help our residents move as close as they can to independence.

Having been “born into” the brain injury rehabilitation business I lived at KMS throughout my childhood and have spent countless hours with clients and staff observing and participating in the cognitive rehabilitation of our residents. My professional journey led me to administrative posts in health care at Baptist Health System and higher education at Jacksonville University. These and other valuable experiences, relationships and insights gained throughout my professional career give KMS another level of expertise into the changing world of healthcare where cost and quality are of the utmost importance. Each day we focus on helping people (like you and me) whose lives have been interrupted transition through the continuum of care toward greater independence.

I feel privileged to walk with our clients as they establish trust with me and the staff. My goal, with the help of staff, is to empower our clients to make positive choices to support their own personal goals as well as achieve independence. The clients issues keep me focused on how fragile life can be and how important it is to be kind, honest and respectful to each client. In the 20years+ I have been working with clients at KMS we have continued to focus on creating the highest quality of life possible for each individual.

In addition to our strong focus on achieving outcomes and impacting people’s lives we also remain fiscally responsible so we endure as the premier provider for future clients. The diversity of our clients and staff, who are each creative and take risks appropriately to provide the best available care is something we encourage. We demonstrate personal honesty, openness to learning, and a willingness to be transparent in all we do and with decades of experience we have a strong understanding of:

  • Clients needs, cultivating each experience
  • Shared learning, partnerships with successes and failures
  • Track record of Creative thinking, finding new ways to breakthrough
  • Risk taking when appropriate, not allowing the status quo to cloud our thinking

Because no two brain injuries or people are exactly alike this means each client at KMS receives an individualized care plan that addresses specific needs. Our team approach is multidisciplinary and designed to develop compensatory strategies which maximize individual independence and quality of life.  Our client centered focus ensures that we deliver the most compassionate, coordinated and outcome oriented care possible.


“KMS takes a collaborative approach in the care of their clients and place a strong emphasis on the autonomy of the individual. KMS staff is mindful, intuitive, and empower client-directed goals on a daily basis.” 
– Kacia, Grad Student Pacific University

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© 2016, all rights reserved, Kampfe Management Services • 3734 SE Gladstone Street, Portland, OR 97202 • Phone: (503) 788-3266 • Website by Corrales Creative