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Are rehabilitation plans customized?

Yes, because no two brain injuries are alike and the course of rehabilitation is different for each client we customize all rehabilitation plans. Timelines for recovery vary individually and we understand the return to home and work is an important part of the rehabilitation and healing process for the survivor (client) and family. Individuals progress through rehabilitation at the clients own pace assisted by unique rehabilitation programs implemented by staff. We want to ensure growth in deficit areas building toward a successful transition back into the home and workforce therefore we focus on developing the cognitive aspects of home and work tasks for clients.

When working with employers and co-workers, who often do not understand the cognitive and personality changes that now exist, they tend to focus on the problems and not the cause(s). In order to be most effective we (KMS) extend into the home and work settings to include vocational assessments, work reentry, job coaching, job re-engineering and in some cases the client may also need a significant job modification. Returning to work means something different to each client, for some it is re-integrating back in there pre-accident vocation while for others work is classified as volunteering.

Our emphasis is on enhancing natural recovery and we do this by establishing strategies that promote independence. Teaching clients these functional skills and bringing rehabilitation into the individual’s home, work, community and school provides the necessary supports for a successful re-entry. Rehabilitation may extend for years beyond a person’s initial injury and changes may occur throughout a person’s lifetime but we are here to support the clients all along the way.

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“KMS takes a collaborative approach in the care of their clients and place a strong emphasis on the autonomy of the individual. KMS staff is mindful, intuitive, and empower client-directed goals on a daily basis.” 
– Kacia, Grad Student Pacific University

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