Foundations for Care

Everything we believe in at KMS challenges the status quo. We think differently about helping adults who have a brain injury by keeping the client at the center of care, striving to achieve mutually agreed upon goals that are centered on independence, function, and quality of life. 

At KMS We Believe

  • We Believe… in people helping people because everyone has thoughts, feelings, goals, dreams and we respect them for who they are as in individual. We understand that their ability to communicate, think or behave has been impacted but this does not take away who they are as a person or what they can achieve.
  • We Believe… in developing trusting relationships, providing inspiration and co-developing independent and structured living programs that focus on deficit areas and prepare the individuals for more independent living.
  • We Believe… in providing the best care while remaining active in professional organizations, developing strategic partnerships with industry thought-leaders to benefit our clients and maintain our place as a premier provider of rehabilitation services is important.
  • We Believe… that if you’re the kind of person or organization who believes in helping individuals succeed then KMS is the partner you are looking for.

With independence as our primary goal we place a high priority on Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). With this focus and our unique analysis we are able to identify, in conjunction with our partners, an optimal outcome status. The challenge we face is that just like no two people are the same, no two brain injuries (TBI) are the same but we (and our industry)need to continue to improve our ability to predict, achieve and maintain valued outcomes for rehabilitation. Our expertise in behavioral management and cognitive retraining, late-extended transitional rehabilitation, and residential placement or at-home rehabilitation with the client who are independent in ADL’s is what we offer to each KMS client.

As most professionals, observers and care-takers know, successful care does not always mean a return to pre-morbid functioning. Our focus on quality does mean good technical care and it also means sharing the responsibility with the client for establishing functional restoration goals. The concrete tasks associated with daily life (ADL’s) that are important to the client (and family) must be discovered. Often families of survivors have as much or more difficulty making adjustments than the survivor. Therefore we understand that the burden of distress within a family becomes a legitimate objective in brain injury care. As a result the management of interpersonal relationships is primary, not secondary, in importance and should be one of the measured results.

Four Categories of Care we specialize in:

  • Transitional Care – focused on the mastery of ADL’s (activities of daily living) so residents can graduate to the greatest level of independence and quality of life as efficiently as possible.
  • Long Term (Maintenance) Care – individuals who need on-going daily assistance with ADL’s (activities of daily living) while striving to achieve the highest quality of life.
  • Respite Care – Temporary relief for caretakers where we provide care in home or community. This includes a variety of day programming and activity options.
  • Case Management – Individuals who are integrated into community (their home outside a KMS facility) but need ongoing monitoring or assistance with specific tasks / ADL’s (medication(s), finances/budgeting, participation in recreational activities, social groups, etc) where we (KMS) come to you.

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“KMS takes a collaborative approach in the care of their clients and place a strong emphasis on the autonomy of the individual. KMS staff is mindful, intuitive, and empower client-directed goals on a daily basis.” 
– Kacia, Grad Student Pacific University

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© 2016, all rights reserved, Kampfe Management Services • 3734 SE Gladstone Street, Portland, OR 97202 • Phone: (503) 788-3266 • Website by Corrales Creative